Hi! Thank you for your interest in the story of Tame The Bull. My name is Juliette and I am the founder. After a career in communications, I was fed up and wanted to do something different. So I took some time off to think of something. Having all the free time, I went to yoga class a lot. One day I saw the teacher wearing beautiful leggings. All I thought was ‘where on earth did she buy them’. So I started doing research and I found the Netherlands to be a long distance behind markets as USA and UK. Nowhere did I find something to my likings. So that’s when I decided to start producing it myself.


I started doing yoga about 15 years ago. On and off, definitely not always 3 times a week. I started to have a huge preference for all kind of vinyasa classes. The classes were such a great work out and I felt so mindful afterwards. I am still surprised that so many people – even many of my friends – still relate yoga to meditation and/or woollen sock types of people. So it is my mission to spread the word that it is more than that. The Tame The Bull brand and products need to support that mission.

The products are great for any type of sportive activities. But they are made for yogi’s in the first place. So they come in high waists, long tops, no see through, 4 way stretch, no zippers or annoying seams. And to underline the statement that yoga is for all cool and brave women, I wanted the designs to feminine. As I value durable production a lot, I insisted on producing nearby and I have been very lucky to find an agent in Portugal who wanted to help me starting. Workers are treated and paid fairly and all processes are EU regulated plus it is close by so we safe on clothingmiles a lot. Hurray!

About the brand and its name. To support my mission I wanted the brand name to be cool and not so common so that the name on its own would draw attention. Tame The Bull is about using a positive attitude – hard work, focus and joy – to create power (‘yes, you can tame that bull’). Tame The Bull also refers to a 12th century meditation technique (the 10 bulls). So how could I not name the brand TAME THE BULL. It’s all about doing. About going after what you want. But also about accepting that it is good as it is.

“Change what you don’t like and accept what you can’t change”

I am getting help from beautiful and awesome yogini Kim Terpstra who’s running the Instagram account and hopefully on short notice I can hire some extra manpower.

Please help me building the brand by sending me any kind of feedback that you want. Whether it is positive or negative, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me on juliette@tamethebull.nl or call me on +31 6 4350 1113.

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