Author - Pim Lorje

The Story Behind

We were in yet another yoga class when we noticed the teacher's supercool leggings. We realised that we had no clue where to buy cool yoga gear. So we searched Google, browsed physical yoga shops, and even went to London to look for inspiration. And we concluded that no brand was offering us everything we wanted: highly functional clothing for vinyasa styles of yoga with a beautiful feminine touch. And if there was, it was an American brand producing garments in [...]

Lame or Tame?

At Tame The Bull we love yoga for its physical and mental benefits that keep us in balance in our ongoing battle to get most out of life. Career, family, friends, travel, life can be hectic. In fact it seems hectic all the time. But yoga keeps us in check. It's also true that women look their best when they're in balance and in control. It's for these busy women that we’ve developed the Tame The Bull collection. Highly functional [...]

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